65th Republic Day Parade India

26 Jan

Today is 65th Republic Day of India. I want to share Republic Day parade for all of my friends who are in America, Europe and else where. 65 years is a life time and yet young in the life of a nation. May be like giant tortoises nations should be judged best after 100 years. In these 65 years the nation has grown in confidence, developed ambition and broken social barriers. Anybody can become anybody. Anyone can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. May be its becoming little bit like an American dream. No hopers can have hope. I think mental shackles have been broken. There is no slavishnes, no Burra Sahib’s, media is extremely agile and common man also seems to be acquiring a new found crazy voice. It’s a country in churn. It’s good. It’s a good country. People are warm and decent by and large. The fourth estate is vigilant and exuberant. The Supreme court is cognizant of failings of state and is sole arbiter of a billion hopes. Finally a British government official once told me many years ago ” Indian women are so beautiful” ๐Ÿ™‚

Please see this report on 65th Republic Day:

There is also an embedded video of Republic day parade in above post.

I watched Republic day Parade on television like every year, went out with my sister and brother later in the day. They did shopping. A good day.

Good night friends! If you need to find yourself please come over. If you need to see rich tapestry of culture, mysticism and arts. please come over. come over anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a nice day! Thank you!


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