You’re everywhere : Benjamin Dunn and Friends

24 Jan

I heard this song yesterday in a you tube video of a wedding which had attended with my uncle and sister couple of months back. Am not sure if this is a gospel song and wanted to share for you dear friends. I liked the lyrics and composition.

You’re everywhere :

I could swim to the bottom of the sea
Where the seahorse floats and the octopus play
I’d ask the whales if they know you
And they’d say “Yay, he tickles us everyday”

‘Cause you’re everywhere
You’re everywhere
You’re everywhere, oh
You’re everywhere

And I could climb the highest mountain
And there I’d find a goat that knows your name
I’d ask the pine if they’d seen you
And they’d say “Yay, we praise him every day”

You’re everywhere, God you’re everywhere

I could go deep within the Forrest
And frolic there with the jumping hare
We’d sing our songs and praise you together
Everybody sing along and worship forever

It’s only by the grace of one above we are able to have fulfilling lives. I have come to this humble submission. My internet connection has been shaky , promiscuous and unreliable today 🙂

Hope you have a nice smiling day ! Thank you!


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