Roger Federer

21 Jan

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is playing extremely well and plays Andy Murray next in Australian open 2014!

I want to share excerpts from this interview, the tennis great says ” I can see no reason why I shouldn’t play better again in 2014, and have some great wins. I have still got some major goals, because I certainly haven’t forgotten how to play tennis; after all, I was still number one in the fall of 2012, and at the end of the season, once my back was better, my results also improved. I reached the final in Basel and the semi-finals at Paris-Bercy and the World Tour Finals, and beat top-ten players without playing my best tennis. If my serve or my forehand had been a bit more solid, the results could have been much better.”

This is a 17 Grand slam champion and perhaps the greatest tennis player ever speaking ” (Was 2013 a lost year? ) No year is lost. In the circumstances, it was actually an interesting season. It’s no joke being injured, of course. But I had to get through it, I had to question everything. Along with the back problems, I had other setbacks of a kind I had seldom had in the previous ten years. But nonetheless it was an interesting experience – to see how different people reacted, and how I dealt with this situation myself. Sometimes, I could hardly move properly, and yet was sharply criticized by some people.”

And ” Defeats are part of tennis. What matters is how you react. What is also important for me is that I am honest with myself. I am the sort of person who often questions everything; I did the same when things were going really well for me. That’s why I am not affected much by the criticism, which I don’t think is justified.”

The greatest of all have confidence crisis and have to question everything. May be this is what makes them human. May be this is the reason their achievement’s are so much more brilliant and great. My favorite tennis player among the current crop is Rafael Nadal. I would want him to win the Australian open but Roger federer is the emperor, perhaps what Mikhail Baryshnikov is to ballet , Roger federer is to tennis, sublime..

We humble mortal’s can learn from the greatest to ” Believe in themselves, fight, have goals and question everything “..

Every one has crisis, Rafael Nadal came from injury to win two slams last year, Roger federer is  playing brilliantly this year after a not so good last year by his standards, so impossible is nothing and struggle is same for every one…

So Vamos Rafa  but also hail Emperor Federer 🙂

Goodnight friends! Hope you have a nice day!  Thank you!




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