Melinda Gates : The most inspiring women and girls i met this year

8 Jan

Melinda Gates : The most inspiring women and girls i met this year

I had shared a TED x Change : Revolutionary Optimists talk by Melinda Gates with two inspiring children Salim sheikh and Sikha Patra. These children are change agents. Its perhaps a minor detail that they come from poorer sections of society. May be not. Please see this post by Melinda Gates about most inspiring women and  girls she met last year. This features Sikha.

Melinda gates writes “Sikha grew up in the slums of Kolkata, India, and she’s one of the most confident, poised, and self-assured teenagers I’ve ever met. In her community, many people believe that fate and luck control their lives. But not Sikha. She’s determined to create her own destiny and change the lives of people in her community along the way. As a peer leader and educator, she’s helping parents and children understand how to prevent disease, improve sanitation, and ensure that all children have access to polio and other vaccines. I met Sikha and her friend Salim when they came to the foundation’s Seattle campus for TedxChange.  I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

The list also features another Indian woman Sharmila devi for standing up to tradition and giving her children a better life. The remarkable list includes the very brave and little big girl Malala, Hillary Clinton, Queen Rania among others. I also liked some of the criteria for selection : Malala for bravely fighting for girl’s education, Sikha for confience and changing her life and community, Nargis Shirazi of Uganda for creative approach to conversations about taboo topic like sex and contraception, she incidently wrote a play about a man who gets pregnant…

May be men should get pregnant for all gender violence to stop.

The telegraph does a piece about Sikha:

Sikha is 16 and has been working with an NGO Prayasam for six years in community mobilization and development.

Sikha is my hero. I want to share a quote from the Telegraph newspaper article ““My only prayer for her is that she gets to become whatever her dreams are and not get bogged down by social or family compulsions,” said Piyali Mazumdar, president of Prayasam. I feel the same for her.

I dedicate this to all mothers who do such a fine job bringing up children and this specifically to my brave school friend. They are unsung heroes.

Good night fiends! Children like Malala and Sikha have force of God. They are true heroes. Hope you have a nice day! Thank you.


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