A Conversation with Revolutionary Optimists | TEDxChange: Positive Disruption

1 Jan

Today is first day of new year and want to share this inspiring TEDxChange : Positive Disruption talk with Melinda gates and two bright children from poorer sections of India. They may be slum children but Shika and Salim are best of friends and shining beacons. They are truly revolutionary optimists. They are protagonists of a documentary ” The Revolutionary Optimists”,

More of the documentary and clips can be found here

I love this Ted talk. Its not about slums and deprivation. Its not about articulation. Its about exemplary spirit of these children, dignity and hope. They are change agents. I always feel Bill and Melinda Gates should be given India’s civilian highest honor ” Bharat Ratna”. Bill gates has been awarded ” Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development.” in 2009. May be Bill and Melinda gates deserve a Nobel..

I love the way children describe each other in this talk , Salim says ” She knows our team very well, we need her in our team because she is responsible and sensitive” While Shika says ” He is my best friend because he is a good communicator and whenever i have a problem in life, he helps me, I think he is helpful ” 🙂

“In my community many people think luck controls their life, when ever i do something good, that is my good luck and when i do something bad, that is my bad luck . I choose my work and not my luck. Luck is not important at all . Don’t wait for luck and do something today” This is so important especially in Asian culture where we get so fatalistic and give needless importance to destiny. This is a great message.

I also love what the little girl say’s ” I think girl’s are more focused in what they do ” 🙂 I believe this is true and rightly so….

Somehow feel girl child is more purposeful, perhaps that’s the reason ” you educate a girl child , you educate an entire family.” I think this is also the reason for success of ” Grameen Bank” and Micro finance.

My heroes are little Salim and Shika . They must be twelve or thirteen. I love children and they inspire me. Whenever am little low, listen to another TED talk of a manila kid ( TEDxXavierSchool – Raynard Lao – The Happiness of Risk, by a 16 year old, please refer an earlier post )

Goodnight friends. May this year be full of hope and cheer! Salim and Shika!!!! Hope you have a nice day! Thank you!


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