Widow of American teacher forgives attackers who killed her husband in Libya

23 Dec

Widow of American teacher forgives attackers who killed her husband in Libya

Please see this remarkable story of a young woman who forgives  attackers who killed her husband less than a month back in Libya. This is extraordinary story of young woman who even ventures to say to her husbands assailants  “I love you and I forgive you.” This is remarkable. She says “I don’t know them. That’s how I honestly feel. It may sound crazy. It’s God’s spirit that’s putting this inside me,”. This is a extraordinary young woman following best tenets of faith ” Love and forgiveness”. I have come to believe unconditional love then is unconditional forgiveness ( please refer an earlier post on forgiveness .)  This is a exceptional human interest story and the host Anderson Cooper is also very dignified.

The great Nelson Mandela’s life was a testimony to unconditional forgiveness and reconciliation. The great man would have approved of this gesture. Perhaps only people who truly suffer can forgive. May be this is the only way young lady can come to terms with her immense grief. The fact she has come to this stage so soon in weeks is so remarkable. May god give her courage and strength.

I learnt from my own life that ” never blame anyone and never harbor bitterness”. People do things which they think are right.  It took me a long time to reach this space. I also  read something wonderful in Eckhart tolle’s writings that perhaps the best contribution we can do to  the world  is not to pollute our inner space with any kind of negativity and thereby the world. The young lady is remarkable. Love and forgiveness is the highest virtue and both are symbiotic.

So dear friends my wish for you is a life with no negativity inside and may you always feel loving and forgiving. This is not entirely impossible. We must just remember this good young woman.

Goodnight friends! May you always be  loving and happy ! Have a lovely day! Thank you!




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