Waheeda Rehman :We are all one, made up of same clay:

20 Dec

Waheeda Rehman :We are all one, made up of same clay:

To share more from  NDTV’S 25 Greatest Global Living Indians series and please do see this wonderful message from the most beautiful and graceful actress of yesteryear’s  Waheeda Rehman. Vikram Seth in the same series made a comment ” If my father knew that i was spending yet more time with Waheeda Rehman in there (in the ante room) he would have gone green with jealousy”. I think everyone’s father’s favorite actress , guess mine too 🙂 . The most classy actress of Indian cinema has this message for the young:

– We are one. We are all made of the same clay regardless of race, religion, skin color or social status. It is important to have compassion and give back to the world at large. But compassion also comes from acknowledging we are one. We are human beings made of the same fabric. We are citizens of the world.

– The key to happiness is in counting your blessings and being grateful for even little things that matter. Also in having a positive outlook toward life no matter what the hardship of the season are.

– What matters the most in life is good health and good night sleep. But do take risks. Don’t fear failure. As along as you maintain your integrity and not compromise on your dignity. It does not matter how much money you have in your bank account or how many awards you have achieved. At the end of the day what matter is love and peace.

Good people always give good advice. This is fine advice and hope you like this dear friends. I dedicate this to my beautiful and classy friend who  may be upset with me. Please call me 🙂

I have been laid low and been thinking that health and enthusiasm are so precious. Goodnight friends! Have a lovely day! The most important thing is love and peace. Waheeda Rehman !!!! Thank you!


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