Vikram Seth : Intolerance is violence

19 Dec

Vikram Seth : Intolerance is violence

To carry on from  NDTV’S 25 Greatest Global Living Indians series and please do see this delightful speech by the brilliant  and celebrated writer Vikram Seth.

” I had to keep myself interested because if am not interested the reader certainly won’t be .”
― Vikram Seth

This is the first half of backdrop quote by the wonderful writer and remember reading ” The Golden Gate” and being so interested simply because the author was  interesting and invested an entire novel in verse. In my modest opinion thought the author was brilliant. In time to come became a  celebrated one.

In a very witty speech Vikram Seth shares following three advise for the young:

– Intolerance is violence : Intolerance is violence and accepted intolerance is violence with the acquiescence of society. Basically there is no point in wrapping yourself up in the  color of flag, when you don’t realize that the flag has more than one component, there are different colors in it, they mean different things and in the heart of it, is the wheel, the wheel of Buddhism you might call it,but its really the wheel of justice , the wheel of Dharma, the wheel of recycle of birth and the wheel of law. We cannot have intolerance within a family, you can see how disastrous that would be, certainly we cannot have the spirit of intolerance in country as a whole.

– You may as well be yourself : There is no one else you can be. We are here for such a ridiculously short time and in this ridiculously trivial corner of universe. If we aren’t ourselves, whats the point of doing anything at all. So in all matters, whether its your profession, whether its your belief, whether its the person you love, you must go at heart with who you are, not what someone else tells you, not what your clan tells you, not what an unjust law tells you, “go with yourself”.

– Too late to give you advise for this life, but for your next life, ” Choose your parents well” 🙂

The ” intolerance” here is a reference to Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes homosexuality which is really against a person’s liberties. Its a Victorian law and the supreme court of India unfortunately has upheld it in a recent judgement.  I also believe ” intolerance” fundamentally has larger consequences , be it in family, be it against children or be it against rights of women. I think Vikram Seth makes a most important point ” accepted intolerance is violence with the acquiescence of society”..

Secondly ” go with yourself” is such a sane advise,”be yourself in all aspects the great writer urges in profession,love,belief..

I love the parting advise as a tribute to loving parents , since one cant do much in this life , for next life ” Choose your parents well” 🙂

Good night friends! Hope you like this fine message by the illustrious writer. Have a nice day! Vikram Seth!!! Thank you!


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