Anish Kapoor : Being curious about what a thing “is”

17 Dec

Anish Kapoor : Being curious about what a thing “is”

More from NDTV’S 25 Greatest Global Living Indians series and gives me most pleasure to share this delightful message from the very distinguished and great  sculptor, Sir Anish Kapoor.

” It’s the concentration of certain kind of energy that makes it extraordinary. I felt as if there is something really, truly,deeply wanted to do. I felt as if may be for the first time in my life , I could concentrate. Artiste don’t really have anything to say, politicians have things to say, perhaps novelists have things to say, mostly its being there and doing it. It’s a kind of practice.”

― Sir Anish Kapoor

This is the back drop quote of the video. I love it. This is what is a true calling. To be and do what you love.

The great sculptor has a wonderful message ”  I have written on the wall of my studio a phrase which goes something like this ” It’s not what a thing “means” but what a thing “is” “. I think have spent last thirty 30 years or so of my life trying to get ” is” thing. What a thing “is”. When i work with a piece of stone or when i work with  steel, am looking for what it ” is”. Not ” what i have to say”. That’s curious process of to and fro, a process of respect for it and for me. A kind of process that perhaps leads to questions rather than answers. Of course being an artiste provides ” nothing”. And  we are and will eternally be on the edge . Perhaps even little irrelevant. I think that irrelevance is key. Never let us be ” central”. ”

The great director Martin Scorsese as a tribute to brilliant actor Robert De Niro @AFI Life Achievement Award (2003) said  ”   To be certain, he has an extraordinary genius to be able to  transform himself, to undergo metamorphosis,  to simply “be”,  just ” be the person he is playing, not act, but become, command and inhabit the character, so many of the characters refuse to forgive themselves. I never knew where he pulls it from. Of course it has be from his intelligence, his bravery and analysis of those character, how he throws himself into deepest and darkest chasms and always comes out a human being. That’s the trick. He never looks down on the characters he plays, he never judges them and this is the way he is out of character too. As a man and friend he is compassionate and trustworthy. “..

I love this tribute, may be the great director is describing ” method acting” or something ” sublime” or ” Zen” , idea is to “be”…

Hope you liked the talk by Sir Anish Kapoor. I really liked it. Things of beauty and substance come into being as we passionately come to ” be”..

Have a lovely day friends! Creativity then is to “be ” and ” practice”. Anish Kapoor!!! Thank you!


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