Zubin Mehta : No success without hard work, dedication, honesty

16 Dec

Zubin Mehta : No success without hard work, dedication, honesty

As  continuing posts on  NDTV’S 25 Greatest Global Living Indians series, want to share a  delightful message from the great conductor and maestro  Zubin Mehta. The great master says ” Advice i can give to young musicians is the story of this young twelve your old Violinist with violin case, walking in a New york street, he sees a policeman and says ” Excuse me officer, how do i  get to Carnegie Hall”. The policeman looks at him and says ” Practice”.” 🙂

The master says some of the common themes among all the living greats are hard work, dedication, honesty, perseverance and ambition.

Zubin Mehta is such a great master, Director for Life of the Israel philharmonic orchestra and the Main Conductor for Valencia’s opera house and having conducted all the major orchestras. Hope you like this good advice to the young people.

Goodnight friends! Hope you have a nice day! Zubin Mehta!!! Thank you!


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