The Happiness of Risk, by a 16 year old : Raynard Lao ( TEDxXavierSchool )

12 Dec

I love this talk. Honestly am more enthused by young students than experts. I believe the young mind is true “intellect” and what we end up as is ” intellectual”. I tend to think they are two different things. Intellect is like a mirror which reflects uncluttered whilst intellectual matters could be a mix mash of judgement, inclinations, beliefs , deliberations , intelligence so on and so forth. I loved the young student’s talk of finding ” what’s truly their thing”. In his case debating, it could be sports for some , music for others , for studious ones plain studies. Something which builds a child’s self esteem. This is so important.

The young speaker says ” See, here’s an idea here. How about we focus on extra curricular activities? Because that’s what I tried to do. So what I did was, “All right. Let’s join some extra curricular activities.” He recounts he was a shy kid with no self esteem and confidence until he finds redemption in debating which opened up a new world to him.

He says “when I reached sophomore year, my friend goes up to me and says, “Hey, why don’t you join the debate team?” And I was like, “Me? I can’t even stand in front of my classroom without wetting myself. And you expect me to join the debate team?” I had horrible self-esteem.I said, “I couldn’t do it.” But I tried to. So much so that, well, I – so I was able to, you know, to try out. I (set) going there guns blazing. I was like, “All right. I can do this thing. This is my goal. This is my time to shine,” right. ”

“What happened was I didn’t get in. I didn’t get into the debate team. I was waitlisted. But apparently, you know, I wasn’t that bad at public speaking. I would go on to go abroad. I would go on and represent Xavier School in Korea and Singapore. That’s why I ask myself, “Why not?” I said, “All right. Look where I am now. I was able to go abroad.” I mean, who would say that a club would be able to bring you overseas? I was able to meet so much people.I was able to learn so much things that I know I wouldn’t have learned in school. ”

I love this thought of finding “our thing”. If schools could also teach life skills along children would end up as shining jewels. Many times wondered, when see street smart kids, opportunists, some who are high on ambition little else, get head start in life than people with true talent. I still feel eventually the genuine ones would make it.

I think every boy and girl needs to get an opportunity to find that ” one thing” which will give them confidence and self esteem. I also insist every boy and girl needs to be told they are ” beautiful as they are” and ” Loved totally “and unconditionally. We may just end up having fine people.

I also love the little boy’s sarcasm when he gives expression to ” “I’m lazy. No, I don’t want to go out. No.” and ” “Oh, yeah, you know, we like, cook our own food and like,I dress up in like, a river.” 🙂

I loved this talk and hope you like it too. Goodnight friends! Have a lovely day! Thank you!


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