Malcolm Gladwell : Advantages of disadvantages and heterogeneity of excellence.

5 Dec

Malcolm Gladwell : Advantages of disadvantages and heterogeneity of excellence.

I like Malcolm Gladwell’s world. Partly because am  contrarian by orientation and DNA , also would love to do what he calls ” serendipitous  research.” 🙂 I would like to think can pull of  spending time in libraries ( he says he spend few  times in year in  NYPL)  and connecting dots and conjuring a new premise. It sound romantic but he makes it real. That’s his genius.  I must say love mainstream and so wish had been linear, education, partner and kids. I respect everything linear. There is  however this  over enthusiastic cricket commentator who keep saying ” there is lot of pedigree in that middle order” for me pedigree is  dog food 🙂

I love  my pedigreed friends. I love people and their stories. This is a nice interview by the equally wonderful social scientist Adam grant with Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell constructs his premise that in asymmetrical conflicts it is David that emerges as  winner than a much fancied Goliath. A deeper probing shows that David is no conventional underdog. He says ” David is not in any sense the underdog. Properly understood, once he has decided to change the rules of the conflict, the sling in his hand is such a devastating weapon that no contemporary observer of that battle would have thought David was a long shot. Once they realized he was winding up with his sling, they would have realized that he had all of the cards. We are misled by the narrowness of our assumptions about what constitutes an advantage in any given situation.”

My favorite takeway from this interview is ” For whatever reason, some people choose to interpret their circumstances differently. One of the chapters is all about a famous oncologist named Emil Freireich who has a Dickensian childhood and then goes on to achieve enormous things as an oncologist. There was a moment in my conversation with him when he describes a horrendous childhood. He says, “So there I am. I am sixteen years old and I am wildly optimistic.”

You realize it was a complete non sequitur, but not for him. He was orphaned. He grew up in poverty on the streets. But he just thought that was an occasion to look on the bright side. So where does that come from? I have no idea.”

I love that. I have always felt that. I always feel optimistic. I was born to good parents but there was a time  when my father had Big ” C” and my brother in ” rehabilitation home”. I would spend time between hospitals and attend to my work . I had a young college going sister. But  always felt optimistic.

I have had too many transitions but feel optimistic. Part of the reason must be because have always met good people, so may be its love of good people that keeps us optimistic 🙂

Somehow always feel optimistic.  I also feel true intentions comes to being. Hope you like this nice interview  of very engaging, bright and  important writer Malcolm Gladwell.

Good night friends! Hope you have a nice day! Thank you!



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