My Script : Sister Shivani

4 Dec

“Focus on my script, my acting and my style of working.”

“Let’s stop looking at how other people are behaving. Let me just stop thinking on ” How they should be” and focus on ” How i should be” and ” How I should think”.

Let me focus only and only on energy am sending, it can create miracles. If we stop looking at what people are doing. It’s like, if you are on stage, its a drama, everyone else, if there are four other actors. Whose role would you focus on ? ( my own), Whose script would you focus on ? ( my dialogues)  Whose acting would you focus on? ( my own). Then just have to do that in life.

If I the soul, just focus on energy am creating, what every one else creates will automatically flow. If am always looking at them, suppose you are the actor concentrating on the other actor ” How they should speak and how they should be acting ” What will happen to your own acting ? ( It will flop)

If the rule of game is applicable on stage with five actors. Then it is applicable to this drama with all the actors.”

“Focus on my script, my acting and my style of working.”

Meditation :

” Lets take a moment, sit back and watch the drama of our lives. I the actor on the stage with all my co stars, my family, my colleagues and friends. The co actors in my personal drama. As we play the drama of life, I understand, that each one of us has our unique role, unique style of acting and a different script.

I accept and appreciate that the beauty of this drama is each one of us is different, there are no rights and wrongs, just that we are different. As i watch every one around me playing their role, I understand we are different from each other. I appreciate the way they play their role.

At the same time focus, attention and concentration only on my role and my script.That is the only thing in my control. That is the only one thing where i have choice.

Am the creator of my script. The director of my role. I the pure powerful peaceful being. This is the personality of me the actor. As I speak every word and enact every scene, my personality flows into action.”

—  Sister Shivani and Suresh Oberoi, Soul connections

I have tried to share verbatim from  DVD ( Soul connections) and hence the seemingly in congruent little sentences. I wanted to share this thought of focusing  on “our script , our thoughts and energy because that is the only thing in our control.” I think this can be a healer in relationships.  To carry the thought of wholehearted parenting from last post, if we wholly accept our children they will be empowered and have a sense of belonging.  Acceptance is love and empowerment. Similarly if we accept the other, friend, colleague and everyone else and empower them with love and power. We all could have beautiful relationships. All we need to do is focus on our script and accept the other wholeheartedly 🙂

Hope you like thought of ” taking care of myself, my script, my behavior and my energy “. It really works.

Goodnight friends! Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you!


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