Lessons in life ( Ongoing)

30 Oct

I wanted to share some lessons in life, this is an on going theme and did want to be too instructive or lay pointers, we are all map makers and write our own maps


Love your father

Love your mother

They may not

Be there always

Love them now

Love them as never


Love your siblings

They will never be similar

They never were meant to be

Love for love sake

Not for prizes

Not for acknowledgement

Just for journey shared

You were theirs

They filled you for a while

May be they will always

May be..


Friends :

If you find one or two

Said a great man to his daughter

“You are lucky”,incredibly true

Hold on tight

Hold on good

To the one or two fellow traveller

They pretty much make your life

I found a friend

Long time ago




You find early

Thats lovely

You find later

Thats lovelier

Believe you me

“Never let a good love

Pass by with out catching it”

Said a fair lady

Always listen to your dear one

Let love bring a change in you

If it does and then it must be forever

Its worth more than thousands

of golds and silver

Its everything

Hold on..


Work :

The master says

Its where you locate

Your self and self respect

Its vital and window to the world

May everyone sentient

Find a good one

Its so important

Its oxygen

Its trunk

Its vital

its existence


If its poem

If its love making

You are lucky..



Education is easier than work. 

If you have an oppurtunity

always study , never forsake

Life is hard and people unforgiving

Always study


Reclaim childhood

Every way you can

Run, play, sing

Even if you are less than good

Do it nevertheless

Cycle whole day

Bike Bizzare

Just for a day

May be everyday

The only Adult themes:

Sexuality and spirituality

And the responsibility

Of raising a family

Of Work

Else be child always

Today, tomorrow, forever..


One more thing

You want a advise

You want a solution

Go to a Lady

She will be a mirror

Or the solution…

This for today dear friends 🙂 Good night friends! Hope you have a nice day! Thank you!










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