How I start my day: Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

29 Oct

How I start my day: Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Awaken your soul every morning”
It is essential to begin every day with gratitude. The essence of how to bring happiness to your life is to rise early in the morning, and say ‘thank you’. “

― Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Yoga teacher

I remember reading this little piece in the color supplement of a Sunday Times of India edition. It struck me as pure thoughts. I was not aware of the teacher but her words resonated with me as true and from a pure space. May be that’s mark of a soul teacher. True Journey. May be you will feel the same about my blog, just may be 🙂

The teacher says ” Offer your prayers, meditate, practice something that connects you with the Creator. These aren’t just simple acts, but ways to awaken your soul. Remember, that’s what you need every morning, to awaken your soul, not just the body.” I agree.  She further says ” Bad things will always happen in life, but you have to have something to believe in, something that will give you a bigger perspective. Even when the heart is so broken that you feel you cannot go on, you can turn your experience into a positive one, with faith. Mornings are a time for reflection. I believe in the practice of rising up in the ambrosial hours, and praying. To live pure, you need to purify the mind. And this means to spend some time at a place where you worship or meditate or connect with your soul.”

The best advice is this ” My mantra is simple: Learn the science of breathing. Breathe deep, you will live well. Breathe shallow, and you will live shallow.” I concur.

If we follow our in- breath and out- breath for few minutes every hour, we should have a modicum of peace thereby grace thus good thoughts. We should be okay.

Hope you like this little article of soul. Good night friends. Hope you have a nice day! Thank you!


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