The 12 best designs from the past 100 years

21 Oct

The 12 best designs from the past 100 years

I had come across a CNN piece on the 12 best designs from the past 100 years.  This includes Apple Mac,  Vespa scooter, Elevator, tourist space craft, Kalashnikov rifles, Aribus 380, iPod, floppy disc etc. My personal favorite in this list is Vespa unisex design and the latest of these Piaggio scooters on roads is very cool. The most fascinating comment in this list is on the ” Elevator”. Initially, the elevator was introduced as an “experience” for which people would pay to go up and down. “When it was applied to our architecture it made our world animated and alive for the first time,” says Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde. 

Gianfranco Zaccai, CEO of global design and innovation consultancy Continuum in this piece says three principles of great design are :

1. Empathy: empathy is a realization that you are not designing for yourself but for others. You have to get into the lives of the people who will use it.

2. Pragmatism: realize there are some things you have to deal with to fulfill this type of product or service. It has to fulfill the performance requirement, it has to be cost effective and it has to be producible — all things you can quantify.

3. Passion: if you just stop at what you can quantify and measure you haven’t gone far enough. Think about a great meal you have had. It’s not just the ingredients that make it great, but the creativity and sensitivity of cook that makes it special.

This is so true, some fancy designs have hardly any utility, whilst some with good utility have hardly any aesthetics. Empathy, pragmatism and passion is so vital. God of design then must be Steve Jobs.

I want to leave you with a quote  by Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard University :

” Steve Jobs made it his stated purpose in life to combine the sciences and humanities to change the world. Near the end of his life, he said the reason his company, Apple resonates with people is not just innovation but as he put it, because ” there is a deep current of humanity in our innovation”.”

-Drew Gilpin Faust, Asia society address, Mumbai, 19/2/2012

Great design then is a miracle of science and art. I like the minimalist designs. To quote my master ” I find the simple life Voluptuous.” ( Cohen) 🙂

Goodnight friends! Hope you like this CNN’s 12 best designs. Hope you have a nice day. Thank you!




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