14 Oct

Leonard Cohen in a documentary said once for creativity all he seeks is to wake up in a state of grace. If not, prefer to go back to sleep. This is true. Today guess did not wake up in state of grace. I should have gone back to sleep. I tried to evaluate the world of expectations.  I want to share a meditation and note on ” Expectations” for you dear friends. So that you always be in state of grace.


” Let’s sit and check our deep belief system that ” to expect is natural”. This is what we always learnt. Let me ask myself. What has been the result ? Let me try something new. Every one is right from their perspective and every one has a reason for what they are doing. Everyone is doing best to their potential. They are doing it from their of ” being right”. Now I have a choice. Let me start accepting them as they are. I can share. I can inspire. I can teach. But my happiness is not dependent on them following it. I am in control because am complete and already happy. My happiness is not dependent on their behavior and performances. Look at all these people on whom we have put pressures of expectation. Let me take them away. Let me be natural and let them be, what comes most comfortable to them. This would be the foundations of a pure relationship. ”


– Expectations means predicting future behavior of them. Letting our happiness be dependent on their behavior and then feeling let down if they do not behave as we had predicted.

– People around us will behave and work according to their capacity, we can share with them, what we feel is right but cannot expect they will always do it our way.

– Expectations from children to perform becomes a pressure on them and creates a fear of not being able to make their elders happy. This lowers their efficiency.

– When we do something for others, we do it according to our values and capacity. To expect same from others is unfair to them. We need to understand they will behave only according to their capacity. Let us not give up our qualities because others did not respond the way we expected.

The meditation and pointers are from : ” Happiness Unlimited – Sister Shivani & Suresh Oberoi ( Brahma Kumaris)

For those interested :http://omshantimusic.net/happiness-unlimited-b-k-shivani-english

This is also available on you tube. I wanted to share it in good faith. I listen to it as lose grace or find my compass to natural self.

I hope you find grace and find this meditation and pointers on expectation useful. Sartre said “Hell is—other people”. I think solution is always with ourselves, grace begins with ourselves 🙂

Good night dear friends. May you be in a state of grace as much as possible. Have a nice day! Thank you!



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