Greatest love story : Sachin Tendulkar and ” Cricket”

11 Oct

Love story:

Romeo and juliet



Great love stories


A boy and a sport

Reaches mythical proportions

All of eleven and a purpose

Finds passion, finds joy, finds love

Carries on for next twenty five years

Unbridled truest wanton love


Fame, fortune, riches

Love of billions

Still in love with sport

Still decent and humble

Boy turns man, turns great

love, love, love still same

Boy turns legend, legend still a  boy

Passion undiminished at forty


Me from same generation

Watched with awe

Like millions, billions

He is responsible for maximum joy

To maximum people anywhere

Of my country and beyond


All champions are same

All great artistes are same

The Boy and sport of “Cricket”

Greatest love story of my time,

My country’s time since independence

Sachin Tendulkar

God’s child for sport of ” Cricket”..


My humble tribute to greatest Indian sportsman and most self effacing genius Sachin Tendulkar. Please see some of the quotes on the little master:


Love “life and play” passionately like a beloved.Have a nice day dear friends! Thank you!









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