” The sand scor…

6 Oct

” The sand scorched me like blazing fire, and later, was greedy to devour me. But now the same sand is cool and soft and gives me shelter. Like sand, a person influenced by circumstances can become viciously envious or affectionately kind. Our company and surroundings have a crucial effect on consciousness. How important it is to be an instrument to bring out the inherent good of each other rather than the worst.”

― Radhanath Swami, The journey home ( Autobiography of an American swami)

For those interested in book :http://www.amazon.com/The-Journey-Home-Radhanath-Swami/dp/1601090560

I have read the book and would recommend it to any soul interested in a most sincere journey, this just happens to be a spiritual one. Its honest ,most sincere and sensitive account of a seeker.

I have been away for few days on account of travel and family functions. Have a nice day friends! Thank you!





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