Madhava Dasa ( Madhava Naidoo) : Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Kirtan ( Chanting)

26 Sep

I want to share this mantra meditation or divine chanting with you dear friends. Its sublime and replenishes the soul. I try to share my experiences in a true way here dear friends. I am new to chanting and will share any insights as come to be more proficient and experienced. I feel the magical sounds in the syllable has a elevating feeling something which have not experienced before. Everything gets satiated, mystical music leaves us unsatiated for more and more. The singing,singer,collective singing is a moment of bliss. Iam sure it would be same any other surrendered musical offering of every denomination. I really wanted to share this wonderful singing by Madhava Dasa ( Madhava Naidoo). Devotional singing is wonderful for consciousness. I think every art form which is surrendered( music,dance,painting,writing,acting etc) and as an offering to supreme consciousness or lord has a sublime and ethereal quality. ( Please also refer to post on Elizabeth Gilbert). It is most direct contact with God.

For those interested and for more on this practice of chanting, please see :

I also wanted to share a video of the great George Harrison on chanting Hare Krishna mantra

I am grateful to my beloved sister and brother for showing me light in this path. This is dedicated to them and all of you.

I want to reiterate George Harrison’s words from Martin Scorsese documentary ” Its hypnotic and kind of nice. You get hypnotized at subtle level which makes you feel so good that you don’t want to stop.” This is how i feel.

This is shared in good faith and bereft of anything and for sublime music. I am open to sublime in every denomination. Hope you like this sublime chanting. Good night friends and have a nice day! Thank you!


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