31 beautiful sights on this incredible planet

23 Sep

31 beautiful sights on this incredible planet

I have been pained by latest round of madness in Kenya, Pakistan and Syria. The planet we live in is so beautiful. If only we could heal our hearts and minds. Please do see this CNN article on some of the most beautiful and pristine sights on mother earth. These include Sossusvlei Dune ( Namibia),Torres del Paine ( Chile),Mackenzie Basin (New Zealand),Cormorant fishing,( Nanxi River, China), Santa Maria della Salute (Venice, Italy),Northern Lights(Scandinavia),Taj Mahal (India ),Pristine beaches, (Seychelles) and many many more..

Dunes,national parks,moutainscapes,beaches,safari and monuments of love, too much to savour really.  Then there is architecture,culture,food and music. The world is really beautiful. Right now do not have an interesting life only  interesting mind and love in heart, may be someday will get to see the world. Till then, hope you like these beautiful sights dear Friends 🙂

Have a nice and safe day! Thank you!


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