Vamos Rafa

13 Sep

” Losing is not my enemy.Fear of losing is my enemy.”

― Rafael Nadal

I have been a Rafa fan,ever since broke out as a fantastic teenager in 3/4 length capri’s winning french open in 2005. I thought Spanish players always did well at Roland Garros, Sergi Bruguera, Aranxta Sanchez Vicario,Carlos Moya,Juan Carlos Ferrero, Alberto Costa all won french open championships. I thought initially Rafa is part of that fine tradition of clay courters but his intensity was special and soon like a meteor he blazed a path into greatness. 13 Grandslams : 8 French opens, 2 Wimbledon, 2 US Open and 1 Australian Open, 4 Four Davis cups and 1 Olympic Gold all at 27 years of age. Even the sublime and great Roger Federer does not have Davis cups and Olympic gold in his kitty though he is ahead in grandslams stakes at 17. Rafa can and will most likely catch up with Federer.

The brilliant and near indispensable clay courter is now a wonderful all round player, charging the net and playing aggressive complimenting his flawless baseline game. The intensity that Rafa brings to his game is awesome so much so the great Bjorn Borg said “Every point he plays is like match point. That’s why he’s the champion right now.” I love his intensity. Body language. Never say die spirit.

His high charging style of play was always prone to injuries. Rafa has come back after a seven month lay off with intimidating record of 10 titles and 2 Grand slams. I had lost interest in tennis when Rafa was on a break. I followed his return , the tournament in Chile, where he made finals, followed by a doubles tournament and since then he has been near colossal with a sole blemish in Wimbeldon.

Patrick McEnroe, former United States Davis Cup captain, now ESPN analyst says “I’ve seen videos of him when he was 13 or 14 and he had the same kind of energy and attitude, the way he played then. That was the way he was and when you talk to people who have gone to Majorca, and to Juan Monaco and different guys like that who have gone to train with him, he literally goes from playing four hours of tennis and then goes to play an hour or two hours of soccer. So clearly he’s got this incredible energy and this incredible athleticism and amazing desire.”

For more more of his inspiring return, please see:

The rivalry of the sheer artistry and genuis of Roger federrer and Rafa and now between the brilliant Novak Djokovic and Rafa has taken tennis to a altogether different level. To borrow a phrase from beloved tennis great from my country ( Vijay Amritraj) , every game is more adventurous than “Raiders of lost arc “.

The greatest of all time may not be a desirable debate, given Federrer, Rafa and Novak will go down as all tennis greats, still if you would wish to read, why it just might be Rafa:

Why do I love Rafa:
– Intensity.
– Tenacity
– Industriousness and hard work
– Brilliant game of topsin and athleticism
– Ability of overcoming setbacks. Injuries. Opponents.
– Thinking game. The way he figured to overcome his nemesis Novak is fantastic.
– Humility and graciousness.
– Great Champion.

These are some and there are many many more, supports a charity in India among others. I think Rafa is special. I really like Rafa, Novak and Ferrer from this generation. They are fighters.

The video is a tribute by a fan really but really gives more than a sneak peek of Rafa’s game and personality. To end with the great Bjorn Borg at french open “First of all, I’d like to say that I’m delighted that Nadal is back, that he is playing again at last. He’s a very important figure for tennis in general. He has a really strong personality and whatever he does, he creates a buzz around tennis just by coming on court. ” for more :

Hope you like the video as much did sharing 🙂 Vamos Rafa!

Thank you dear friends! Have a nice day!



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