Syria and Assad’s

8 Sep

Syria and Assad’s

I have been horrified for last two years to read and watch news reports of war and brutalities in Syria. The toll kept on rising from 40,000 to 70,000 and now as UN states 100,000 people have lost lives. It fails my understanding, how can a state or a government continue to remain in power in such a context.  May be the milieu of dictatorship does not consider such questions. I wonder why state should kill its own subjects? Is it the arrogance of power. Any dissent should be brutally oppressed. This holds true of state repression everywhere. Is there much more to Syria, is it a fractured society, wouldn’t know.

This article details the House of Assad’s. Hafez al-Assad’s dynasty. The current leader Bashar al-Assad was training to be a ophthamologist in London till he took  reins of power after his father’s demise. The Son has tried to emulate the strong arm tactics of his father. This kind of carnage is beyond human civilization. Idi Amin might look honorable.  It also shows the weakening of UN and even perhaps Arab league to mediate a solution. May be its a power hungry government which brooks no solution. May be its a civil war. I don’t know.

I remember a comment by Lee Kuan Yew in a interview that America’s effort to enforce a democracy in other nations has seldom succeeded. This is true. US and allies are at brink of a military action. But then what is the option?

Here Christiane Amanpour , CNN interview  with Syria’s UN envoy Bashar Jaafari

I do not know Iraq and Afghanistan has benefited , do not know what cometh in Syria. There seems to be no option.  I feel sorry for innocent lives. I feel sorry at the human tragedy.  May be as Leonard Cohen sings in ” The Future” “Nothing you can measure anymore,The blizzard, the blizzard of the world,has crossed the threshold and it has overturned the order of the soul,When they said REPENT REPENT,I wonder what they meant……And now the wheels of heaven stop,you feel the devil’s riding crop,Get ready for the future: it is murder.” 

Thank you Friends!



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