“Some people te…

3 Sep

“Some people tell me I am generous as I am scared and that is why I am always nice to people. Allah Miya said, ‘If you are giving for a reason which is personal, then it is not charity. In Islam, a part of anything we earn should, in any case, be given. My mother used to tell me the story of Prophet Ali. He was breaking casks of wine because drinking is discouraged in Islam. He kept breaking casks till he reached 99, when he realised ‘Kitna achcha kaam kar raha hoon’ ( how much good work am doing) in the name of God. So that time, it had become a personal thing as he was feeling proud about it. I am extremely generous with people I deal with. Allah has given me so much because of me being like that.

My children sometimes say, ‘Papa, that person was like that and you are still being so nice.’ Let me tell you a Sant Kabir doha even though it may sound cliched: Jo toku kaata boye (the one who pricks you with a thorn), Tahi boye tu phool (you take a flower and prick him back), Taki phool ke phool hai (your flowers will remain flowers), Wako hai trishul (it will be like a spear to him and he will realise his mistake)

We were poor and if you came to our house, we had a dining table on which there was just one vase, which was the only piece of adornment we had. If someone came to our house and said that it looked nice, we understood that he was saying it because that was the only thing he could compliment us for. But, before he would walk out, my father would have packed it in a newspaper and given it to him. That’s how I have been brought up. If somebody tells me they like something, I give it to them.”

– Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan always has something to share 🙂

For more : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-08-15/news-interviews/41412990_1_chennai-express-records-few-months/2

Thank you friends! Have a nice day!


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