Choi Sung-bong

1 Sep

“There was only one thing that gave me comfort. It was music, not people.”

–Choi Sung-Bong

I came across this wonderful video only today. This  video has 94 million hits and Choi Sung-Bong is a internet sensation. This is a heart wrenching and heart warming story. A homeless boy who found solace and calling in music. I like every body loved his rendition of “Nella Fantasia.”

I am interested in human interest stories and sometimes wish the world would focus on stories of heart and spirit. There is always a core in all of us which is untouched and pure and if only we could protect and nurture that little space, world would be such a beautiful place. It could be music. It could be sport. It could be just ” hope”. The general purpose intelligence we seem to wrap ourselves is so utilitarian. I yearn for that sublime core. In you. In me. In all of us.

I also loved the judges in this talent show. They must be the most beautiful talent show judges. They were empathetic ,human and brought out the best in this homeless boy.

I really liked observation of judges from English subtitles…

” Regardless of his hard life he passionately runs towards what he wants and even talented ones rarely have that passion.”

” I am just glad to meet him. I just want him to be happy from now on.”

Choi Sung-bong :

Choi Sung-bong wants to be a vocalist. Hope he becomes a vocalist. I am sure he must have already..

Hope you like this story. Have a easy Sunday dear friends. Thank you!


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