Yasin Bhatkal : Most wanted terror fugitive held.

30 Aug

Yasin Bhatkal : Most wanted terror fugitive held.

I watched the news report yesterday with relief that Intelligence agencies and police teams have arrested Yasin Bhatkal. Thanks heaven for small mercies. So many lives  saved by a single arrest.  The dreaded terrorist headed a terror cell, IM ( Indian Mujahideen) which was responsible for a series of blasts in last few years. This proxy front for Lashkar-e – Taiba created havoc in security apparatus of India and took away so many innocent lives. It is perhaps the most important arrest in last many years.

I had watched with awe on television, the determination of US security and intelligence agencies to nab the Boston bombing suspect and they did so in few days of relentless search and combing operations. I wondered why do terrorists get away with rampant strikes in India? Why are they not nabbed?  Is it the topography,demographics,population, information pilferages…

I still remember the heart wrenching blasts in German Bakery, popular hangout for tourists and young people where innocent lives were lost. I hope this arrest leads to cracking the terror module and decimation of terror cell ( Indian Mujaheddin). I hope the political players speak in a uniform voice. I pray there be consensus on all political parties on security issues.  The same determination must be maintained on security apparatus like America does. Our borders are porous. Still if the political establishment shows determination and consensus, security establishment will  succeed in arresting this sinister menace. Let there be no more terror. This is my sincere wish. Thank you!


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