A Disgrace

24 Aug

I have been both pained and horrified by the number of rape incidents and crimes against women and children. The bestiality of incidents and nonchalance of perpetrators have shaken the conscience of society. There is something sinister in a decadent male mindset which arbitrarily takes liberty with conscience. The only legitimate response should be fear of law.The sensitization should follow. That’s a long drawn process.

Fear is a good thing. Fear is intelligence. It puts brakes on a  criminal’s mind . Yes it is the mind and mindset , a male chauvinist mindset, ugly male ego which is the perpetrator. The power structure is skewed in society and in my country. The criminals must fear law. I believe the only response is leadership. A decision that such a thing will never happen again.  Condemning such incidents and copious tears is a feeble response ,the leadership and political class must go and threaten such criminals of dire consequences if such  dastardly incidents are repeated.  I think perhaps Indira Gandhi would have done that , may be Sanjay Gandhi. I am holding brief for no one. I feel a strong response from leadership is needed for such dastardly acts to stop. It is a societal malaise . True. First at least put “fear” in mind of perpetrators.

The policing can be better and must improve. I think safety of girl child should be made a national commitment . It can be the biggest developmental initiative in any society. Stock markets don’t matter. Make the girl child and its empowerment the top most priority after defense and security concerns.  The society will prosper and will become more humane. The criminals cannot be sensitized. They must meet the strong arm of law. The reformation can take place in prisons.  They must be in prison first.

It shames me the way we treat women and foreign tourists. Its a sick and repressive mindset. At least put “fear” in mind. The state must show commitment. The legislation. The judicial response. Fast  track courts. exemplary punishment. All is important.  The first should be leadership : political,societal and familial.

I don’t know how this will change and happen. I grew up in a family of women. I have a sister and many cousin sisters. My best friends are women. I can only  hang my head in shame and say sorry to women.  Thank you!


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