Schools,schooling and me

23 Aug

” I have adult experiences but am not going to write about them,why am i stuck in childhood? Guess that’s where my heart is…”

― Maurice Sendak

I had shared reminiscences of school in an earlier post. I wanted to do a full fledged posts on schools. I went to three schools. Two government schools and one junior college which was a Jesuit convent and junior college.

My first school was in a small town , 40 miles from Mumbai ( Bombay).  My father worked with a central government undertaking and we lived in a gated community. It was a government estate. Government schools. Government hospitals.  It was like a army cantonment area. The school for all of us in the estate was ” Kendriya Vidyalaya”.  I studied in that school till age thirteen.

My earliest memory of those days is the day Sanjay Gandhi died ( it was declared holiday). He was the youngest son of then prime minister Indira Gandhi. He died young and in a copter crash. The school had a good library. I  started reading early. The first book read was a autobiography of Gandhi. It left a impression on me. It was a big volume but would read regularly over time. We had a period or a class for library. I also read Jawaharlal Nehru ” The Discovery of India”. These two great leaders books were first books read by me. They created great impression on me. Till date believe they are greatest Indian minds and Gandhi greatest leader of all time. I learnt to love reading in my school. Just outside the estate, there was a ” public library”. Me and my friend when little grown up would go on bicycles to read. It was a favorite pastime. I became a reader.

My father also had additional charge of a unit canteen. So my teachers would give me their lists of  monthly items ( mostly tooth paste, soaps, talcum powder, Biscuits, Cadbury Bournvita,chocolates etc). I would get them and carry them in my school bag. It would be too heavy for me to walk. I still did it happily. I learnt to be happy from my father. I hardly complained. Only once when my drawing teacher gave a poor grade and went asked him ” Sir I carry so much stuff for you everytime and you gave me just a passing grade”. I was ten.He laughed it off. He had a original mustache style which kind of was a substitute for a beard. Mustache extending to form a beard . I always looked at his mustache first and then at him. He knew i was naughty and used to call me with a letter “a” added to my name, which becomes a female name then ( Suresha) 🙂

My first school was very good and happy experience. I would walk to and fro to school jumping over bungalow gates and sometimes risky terrain. We played Badminton . My uncle ran a badminton club and my being youngest member. It was great fun and happy times.

My second school was a Kendriya Vidyala now in a different city. The city am based now Pune. My father got transferred here. I joined this school at fourteen and was there till sixteen. My board exams. The school was good and had good teachers. I was a good student so it was okay. I enjoyed my first school more. I could do more things there.  Although liked some of new friends boys and girls, samir,prashant, fabiola, Medha.They were nice and pleasant. I liked some teachers and they were nice to me. I remember giving my photograph to my class teacher for Board exams. She just took a scissor and playfully cut my photograph into different pieces. I was like ”  What you doing madam, have no additional photographs and this is board exams”. She just said smilingly ” I felt like cutting it and get a new one tomorrow no ” 🙂 where can you find such loving teachers. She was beautiful too. I liked my friends and teachers in this school.

The third school went to was Jesuit junior college. I got good marks and my father was happy. It was best school and college in city.  This was the first time saw kids wearing ” Nike” or ” New balance” . Those days it had to be imported.  It was a privileged school. I saw “Mercedes Benz” parked in school for first time. I noticed that only difference between convent kids and children from other schools was ability to communicate in ” English” and “Confidence”. They spoke stupid stuff with amazing confidence. The children from government school were more in innate intelligence. I cant generalize this. It would be wrong and just felt so. I grew quieter and could not relate much to anglo kids ( kids who saw english movies in school) 🙂 . My teacher told me “no man is an island”. I had fun too and remember being penalized for not doing a marchpast properly ( my explanation was that both my feet were going at the same time, which was illogical) and encouraging a kid to do a victory jig and run a lap like carl lewis 🙂 . I Just realized convent kids were more competitive and not necessarily more intelligent.

I learnt virtues of “reading” ,”sports”  and “love of teachers” from my first two schools . I just learnt to speak better “English” from my jesuit junior college. I wish was more competitive. It was not meant to be.

I wanted to do a post on schooling. If masters teach us that our “true nature” is “pure”,”blissful” and “loveful.” Surely it must come from our childhood,schools and schooling 🙂  Have a nice day friends! Thank you!




4 Responses to “Schools,schooling and me”

  1. praseedam August 23, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    Hey, it is so good that you are not unduly competitive……..isn’t it better to co-operate than compete? Co-operators are blessed with a warm social circle, which can only be the envy of hard-core competitors! 🙂

    • sureshvn August 23, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

      Please don’t read too much,just try to be true to my experiences. That’s why add “me” to caption :)They may not necessarily be perfect or universal. I realized that it is important to be competitive to succeed. Thank you!

      • praseedam August 26, 2013 at 3:36 pm #

        🙂 Sure one has to be competitive to succeed……in the sense of giving the best one can no matter what the turmoil inside……..believing in oneself and being able to stay put for that extra second. Was talking about being “unduly competitive”………..wherein one has this condition that one always always has to win…… too would agree this is impossible. Everyone has to fail at least once in life to understand the value of success when it comes. Was talking about the competitiveness that embitters one’s attitude towards oneself and others when “the always win” condition is not met. Nevertheless, I respect your experiences about life as I would anybody’s. Enjoy reading your posts too……mostly. 😉 🙂

      • sureshvn August 27, 2013 at 9:03 am #

        Cool 🙂 Thank you,take care!

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