Marion Bartoli

18 Aug

I wanted to do a follow up post on Marion Bartoli. May be its the immediacy of achievement and immediacy of letting go. May be its the injuries. I felt sad. In this video Marion talks about her retirement decision to WTA.

I really want to share a video of Marion’s intense and radical training practices. Please do see this friends. It makes one realize how hard it must be..

I wanted to pen few lines as a tribute…


Many have come
many have gone
pantheon of greats
and journey men
every journey priceless

Not sure anyone
got to go sooner
achieving a dream
agonizing injuries
everyday battle
all takes a toll
fulfilled dream
then must be
a deep solace

Realized from you
how painstaking
the journey to excellence
how intense the focus
your methods were radical
your game was grit
your game was intelligent
you achieved a dream
intelligent and intense
Marion way

If you may choose
to make a comeback
world would be happy
you said its unlikely
believe you
intelligent people
do not go back

So Good bye
true champion
yes you are gracious
and you are beautiful
Merci Beaucoup

Cheers to a beautiful champion, Marion Bartoli. Thank you friends. Have a easy Sunday!


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