Marion Bartoli and retirement

17 Aug

Marion Bartoli and retirement

Marion Bartoli’s retirement a month after winning Wimbeldon 2013 came as a shock to me and many baffled fans. I saw her on television playing effortless and dominating tennis in the Wimbledon finals. I liked her post match interview after Wimbledon finals. She was extremely gracious to her co finalist Sabine lisicki. I thought she was a nice champion and liked her two handed game.

Sometimes wonder about super human effort that goes in making a champion and how much it must be taking a toll on body and mind. The immediacy with which many great champions have let go, Bjorn Borg, Andrea Jaeger, Martina  Hingis, Justin Henin and others. Some made some not so successful comebacks.Kim  Clijsters came back and won Grand slams. Imagine Bjorn Borg, who won 11 Grand-slams before he quit at 26, would have won how many more or henin or hingis if they had continued.

It must be extreme test of skill,will and endurance to be a champion. There must be moments when it all seems impossible or too much even for these great players, human as they are. Hope Marion Bartoli comes back. I had  read with pain  a uncharitable comment on her by a commentator after winning Wimbeldon. I thought she was beautiful and a beautiful champion. What good is a wallflower or porcelain beauty without beautiful inside or a skill..

Cheers to Marion Bartoli! Have a nice day Freinds. Thank you!


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