Renzo Piano ( BBC HARD Talk interview)

16 Aug

I saw this fascinating interview yesterday of great Italian architect Renzo Piano on BBC Hard Talk. I guess they had replayed the interview. I have always been interested in arts and culture. I found this interview extremely interesting because of observations of illustrious architect to interviewer Sarah Montague. I hope one day get to see great architectures and sculptures of world. Historical and modern. Its a dream. Till then Renzo Piano speak..

“As an architect, if you make something wrong it is wrong forever. If you are a musician, you make music. You understand that something is wrong. What you do is the real thing. Then you do it again. When you make a sculpture, what is in front of you is the sculpture. If you are making architecture, you do not judge the real thing. You judge the drawing of the real thing. The model. The rendering. You have to use your imagination. You need to figure out what it will be in reality. Thatwould suggest that if there is something wrong with it, you cannot fix it. Exactly. As an architect, it is a very dangerous job.Dangerous for you, but even more dangerous for other people. If you do something wrong, it is forever.”

In response to a question he says ” When I grew up, was not very good at school. In school, I grew up with the idea that other people are better than you.  I grew up with the idea that what you do is maybe fine. that other people are better than you. Even now, 75, I still feel that every time I do something right, it is a miracle. It is something surprising. I do not live in the sensation that everything I do is right. It is always a great surprise.” This from a master.

Further he says ” One of the most important thing is to listen to people. It is most important thing to do but not the easiest.Listening doesn’t mean you are obedient. You listen to understand.” This he says to accept criticism.

On his lack of a signature style, he says something nice and illuminating ” What is rewarding to me is to be part of the human adventure of architecture. The reason why I am very diffident towards style, not just for architecture, but for everybody, is a kind of golden cage. You get trapped in the style. And then you have to repeat it. What is great about architecture or a job like journalism or movie-making is the adventure. It is like a kind of Robinson Crusoe. He landed in a new island every time and made a new adventure. ”

He talks about growth of cities “The solution of the cities is not to make a new periphery. It is not solved by making new periphery and creating new tragedy. The solution is not expansion by explosion. The solution is expansion by implosion. It is the only sustainable road.” I do not quite agree with this point of high rises , but every city seemed to be stretched on the periphery,so may be its a valid..

Finally something wonderfully nice, to observe people’s feedback to works of architecture ” A long time ago after I did the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Roberto Rossellini, he was making a movie. He was watching me. He said, you should not look at the building, you should see the face of people looking at the building. You have to look at the mirror of the building on the face of people.”

I always like good interviews. I like learning. I have a student’s heart inside. I liked Renzo Piano observations and wisdom.

Hope you like this interview. Have a nice day friends. Thank you!


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