13 Aug

Serendipity :

It was late evening

my mother had gone out

the door bell rang

she stood there smiling

with a child and a man in tow

She asked for my mother

said she could be in anytime

she told me probably

i don’t know her

but  knows me well

the man said something

about my foregone past

i was surprised

I rambled apologetically

asked about them

they told me about their mother

of course knew her mother

she scolded me sometime back

they were brother and sister

i smiled and started talking

I remembered their father

Then the girl

whom had last seen

when she was a pretty child

asked me “ why am not married”
the man repeated the question

it’s a standard Indian question

like “ would you have less

or more sugar with coffee”

I generally remain stoic

have a dumb smile

refuse to answer

or say something stupid

or in my mind think lethal weapon 4

Chris Rock and Joe Pesci saying
“ They fuck you with cellphones”

“ I do not talk to my daddy for 3 hrs”

Or something else

She was persistent

so spoke to her a bit

the man also spoke to me

but she was relentless

those piercing eyes

just did not leave me

could not escape her

or do a houdini act

Then she asked me

what do you read

i gave her a book

she probably read me

She told more about her

that she had moved out of country

had become a volunteer

with a Krishna movement ( ISKCON)

She told me more

I just listened

have never been judgemental

her devotion and life amazed me

she was beatific and beautiful

also what turns our lives take

what we become

never ceases to surprise me

young girl who found

her own way

She is a young mom

my sisters age

pushing me to something

she told me

It was just grace

we had met

she had come visiting

her school friend

they were not there

so thought would

drop to meet my mother

I nodded and agreed

we would have never met

lest had a conversation

She told me

she is going back tomorrow

can I drop in their home

i had planned a bike ride

i enjoyed my time alone

She wanted me

to meet her husband

who had become

vedanta teacher aside

I said will drop in


they were happy

she was terribly sincere

meant well

spoke lovingly

bared her heart

so I went

Her husband spoke


spoke well

taught me a mantra

gave a bead for recitation

i came back peaceful

i did not miss bike ride

I wondered

I who had not seen the girl

since ages and had no

chance of  ever meeting

who saw something

taught me something

Welcome serendipity

may be we meet

when we are supposed to

when we are ready

we have no choice

so dear friends

we will surely meet

when we are supposed to

serendipity,you and me..


Thank you Little girl. Thank you brother. Have a nice day friends! Thank you!


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