Faith ( Baby Boy)

12 Aug

Faith ( Baby Boy):

Young boy came visiting

along a little bother and sister

well you could call me

elder brother or little more

who loved them all

Boys ten and baby girl eight

bright kids they were

played a round of chess

once in a while

would shake their hands

Young boy deciphered

“ he shakes our hand

when we say or do

something good”
he was dead right

realized kid is very smart

Today all of twenty one

he goes to U S A

to pursue a dream

a doctorate

young boy came of age

His parents proud

a  mom who walked

every path with him

every drive

every bend

every detour

their cherished son

did everything stellar

made his parents proud

every parents dream

few children’s destiny

young boy came of age

As for me

watched with fascination

pure journey of a boy

who came of age

long before time

I  who always loved

my baby brothers

baby sisters

my friends

see them grow

pursue dreams

my best role so far

I learnt faith

to keep the faith

from the little boy

For me who was

once like him

baby boy was a “alchemist”

I wish to keep

my father’s faith

my loving friends faith

my true well wishers

I who cannot emulate him

wishes to walk my path

true vocation

true love

something to write

and make my mother proud..

I dedicate this  to my young little brother Chandru ( Baby Boy) 🙂 and to my loving friends. Have a nice day and great week dear friends. Thank you!


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