Shah Rukh Khan : India Questions ( NDTV)

10 Aug

Shah Rukh Khan : India Questions ( NDTV)

I would like to share  transcript of recent interview of Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan with India’s  foremost media personality Prannoy Roy. This is my fourth post on Shah Rukh’s interviews,talks, quotes ( please refer  post of an earlier interview with Barkha and a talk at Yale as Chubb fellow).  This show is an question and answer format and in this instance studio audience comprises of students and teachers. I always like to read Shah Rukh khan not from a star struck  perspective ( am too old for same,really ancient,dont really watch bollywood films) but because he is bright,persuasive , his conviction strike a chord  and sometimes stir a hornet’s nest in me. I mean it in a good way and forces me to relook at my wounds and experiences. I like Shah Rukh Khan’s take on life and convictions. I have long come to believe nothing is incidental and no one is more deserving and worthy of the humungous success he has achieved as a movie star.

I wanted to upload the video and had problems uploading same. However if you scroll down below there is an embedded video wherein could watch same. Shah Rukh in his incomporable style answers questions and renders good advise on media,acting,success and life,sometimes persuasive,sometimes self deprecating but always genuine and bright. I also feel he is a fine role model for young people.

I want to focus on answers related to ” Failure”. Shah Rukh khan has been consistent in saying that path to success is through fear of failure. I feel it is hauntingly true. This is my most recent realization. I feel traumatized by same. I have come to believe this is true. Shah Rukh in a  Yale talk had stated “I believe the true path to success is through the fear of failure. If you aren’t scared enough of failing, you are unlikely to succeed. It’s not pleasant to fail, it’s tough. All of us experience it. You will too if you haven’t already. Use it to succeed.” This is true.

Shah Rukh says here ” So I have faced failure in a lot of ways which may not be understood by you right now, not just a film, so I lock myself in the bathroom, I cry and I get very depressed and as I am getting depressed I try to think of what my father and mother taught me and I will say it to you that success is like I said is the worst teacher in the world, it can make you feel you’re invincible but success you cannot pass onto anyone. I can’t pass my success even if I teach my son or daughter everything that I have done. Successes uttaraadhikar mein nahi de sakte (  cannot be inherited or passed on to your inheritors or wards), you can’t pass it on to anyone. But failure is a fantastic teacher. So cry it out, howl your heart out. I like it. I stand in front of the mirror because I don’t like wasting time so I cry in front of the mirror so in case I have to cry sometime in a film, I at least know what I am looking like,  but after that I think that you know failure will teach me something or the other, that may be this wasn’t meant to be for me, maybe I need to work harder, may be my best is not good enough and the more scared of failure, every time you cry and feel sad, the more you’re scared of failure chances are you will stop failing as often as you did. You have to hate failure and I say this it’s a very…and only brave people feel scared. So it’s good to be scared of failure and if you are scared of failure, you will never fail in life but if you are like ‘Arey mujhe koi farak nahi padta yaar, kya re, toh kya hua…ek baar hua hai…uske saath bhi hua tha‘ ( it dosen’t matter to me, so what, once it has happened, it has happened to him too)  then you will keep on failing all your life. Be scared of failure and hate it so much that it doesn’t come into your life.”

So why does this haunt me ?

As look back and try to be true to my experiences, realized have never been scared of failure and thought that was courage. I have had miserable failures . It haunts me. Sometimes do not sleep. My nature is such that cannot remain unhappy for long time, so overcome it and my own diligent study of masters and innate sincerity helps me. I also like fun and love life. But have never rationalized failures. Its is only now realized that you must be scared of failing and hate failures to succeed. I am indebted to Shah Rukh Khans interviews and speeches for same.

Call it cussedness,stubbornness or killer instinct. Many terms we hear people describing sporting champions. They all say that they do not want so much to lose  than to win. Grit, tenacity, perseverance..

First time really scared of failure. I do not want to fail.

Thank you dear friends! Have a nice weekend.


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