Street Child O’ Mine

31 Jul

Little street child of mine :

I saw you on the inter junction

across the church and the school

busy unforgiving street

on the pavement

beneath a electric pole
I have seen many
never any one like you

What struck me about you
a clean  happy girl child

hair properly combed

everyday a new style

clean and washed clothes
you have a loving mother

perhaps, or  its just you


As is your destiny
you asked me for money
may be you support your family


I was embarrassed

such a nice child

never quite figured

whether its right

to give money

to a child
so i didn’t
but we spoke

You went away smiling

I went on embarrassed

hoping to see you again

across the church

beneath the pole

the heartless street


Next when we met

at the friendly inter junction

you happily called me “ Anna”

South Indian synonym for “ elder brother”
my sister who was with me

excitedly said, she called you “ Anna”

scrolled down the windows

again you asked me for money

in my confusion of right and not so right

i said don’t have money child

She said “ do you have a chocolate”

i said will keep chocolates

when we meet next


I felt sorry

give little money  to old and infirm

only have love for a child

is it right?

is it enough?

resolve to keep chocolates

may be a dress


I passed the street yesterday

it was raining

did not see her

Missed our two minute conversations

wondered where she lives

would I see her again

is she a part of nomadic tribe

will we ever meet again

I don’t like rains


I love children

they always surprise me

like a little girl

all of seven or eight

coming  from school

head covered in scarf

heavy school bags

across the street

wished me “ salaam saab”( Hello sir!)

i am no sahib ( Sir) , smiled at her

she smiled back at the stranger

and went away happily

they are happy for no reason

just love that


The other day a baby boy

god knows of five or six or seven

sitting idlly on a window pane

shouted at me “ Heyyyyy”

we have never met

smiled back to him

he did same and waved

little happy Mike Tyson


So miss you pretty street child

all scrubbed clean and happy

may be you remind

that we are similar

no where to go

not sure of destination

but we are happy


So will pass one more time

as sometimes do

will carry chocolates

hope we meet at inter junction

sweet  little street child o’ mine..


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