27 Jun

I have  been rereading Tom Perkins ” Valley Boy – The Education of Tom Perkins” , brilliant partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and venture capitalist behind Google, Amazon, AOL, Netscape, Compaq and Greentech. I have no mentors in industry and books are my source of inspiration and learning.

I want to share a extract but for different reasons 🙂 please do read this personal extract from one of the most important people from corporate America..

” We arrived in Porto Cervo the week before the first race, and I was there on August 20, the first anniversary of Gerd’s death.

I had been so much in mourning for her that the months of the year seemed to be merely weeks.This day I awoke after what had been another restless night with little sleep. I was experiencing recurring dreams ,always on the same theme – essentially,that she wasn’t dead, that I was simply dreaming that she was gone. They were, of course,happy dreams,but the term “rude awakening” can’t begin to describe my depression those mornings.

I am not a religious person,but that day in Porto Cervo I was drawn to a tiny modern church designed by the architect Michele Busiri – Vici. I walked up the hill from the boat to the church and entered.It was early in the morning and no one else was in the building. I sat silently in a pew,deep in depression,holding my head,with my arms resting on my knees,looking indifferently at the stone floor between my feet. The place was dark and quiet. As I frequently did, I began to converse with Gerd?imagining her responses. I asked the ageless questions: Are you still there,someplace?I love you so much, Can’t you give me a sign?Is God really so cruel to take you from me forever?

There were tears in my eyes and I was staring blankly at the stone when there appeared a spot of sunlight right between my feet- this in a place with few windows and no light coming from them. The light was very bright,seeming to flood up directly from the dark floor.It lasted three or four minutes and then faded away.

Beyond the slightest doubt,I had her answer.

I had never in my life experienced a miracle. I studied physics and engineering in MIT;I didn’t believe in miracles.In some kind of state of awe,I wandered around inside the church. There just wasn’t sunlight from the windows. The door was solid and closed.

Finally, of course, I found the source. Busiri- Vici had designed a small dome above the altar,and there were five small apertures at the very top,barely visible through the arch of the roof. The sun has been at exactly the right angle to cast a ray to exactly the place at my feet,at exactly the moment of my question. And in that instant I had a revelation. Of course, there will always be a physical explanation for any of God’s miracles . He can’t make it too easy. There must always be reasons for doubt, as there must always be reasons to believe”

– Tom Perkins ( Valley boy – The education of Tom perkins)

Those interested in the book :

I had once read a brilliant interview of Richard Gere in a  magazine wherein he had responded to a question saying fundamental emotions of love, hate,fear, loss ,jealousy ,altruism etc is same for everyone whether one is famous or not , also my interest in human interest stories made me share same , hope you like the above the above extract.

The prologue says the title of book is partly inspired from ” The Education of Henry Adams ” , one day am going to write a book ” The Education of Suresh ” about a boy who started  studying for a public examination ( civil services) ,then a gave a shot to entrepreneurship , started life again with a start up and did two of my best assignments from my father’s modest apartment ( one a billion $ dollar plus company and another a near billion $ dollar company  – my happiest moments) , had to spend next 5 years in wilderness because they could not fathom that…may be when find my peace , will do so or may be will post tid bits here 🙂

Thank you dear friends and have a lovely day!


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