Yityish Aynaw : The Remarkable Miss Israel

21 Jun

Yityish Aynaw : The Remarkable Miss Israel

I like to watch African voices on CNN. They cover arts,culture and personalities from Africa, which sometimes feel is underrepresented in mainstream media. I love human interest stories and this is remarkable story of wonderful Yityish Aynaw who became first woman of African descent to become Miss Israel.

Please do see this inspiring and poignant journey of young girl who was orphaned in Ethiopia and went on to win Israel’s beauty pageant. I loved this interview because its a true triumph of spirit of a girl who fought adversity , migrated to a different country , embraced its culture , served three years in the military and finally was crowned Miss Israel.

She is remarkably poised in the interview and demonstrates maturity beyond her 21 years , saying military service gave her structure and on being first woman of African descent to win a pageant says : “To be first, you have all the attention focused on you and I have to represent my whole ethnic group because through me they see the models,who will represent Israel at the next Miss Universe contest. Through me they see and discover our whole ethnic group.”

On her quest of ideal happy life “I have always dreamed of having a big family, a big house and a lot of kids,” she says. “I want to give my kids the experience I never had. That is my great dream.”

Truly beautiful and remarkable Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw 🙂 Hope you like this story 🙂 Thank you!





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