Adam Grant : Give and Take

19 Jun

Adam Grant : Give and Take

Give and Take by Adam Grant is a book look forward to read 🙂

I had first come across a fascinating interview by Adam Grant in  a Knowledge@ Wharton newsletter which had subscribed , please see :

I had liked the characterization of  “Givers “, “Takers” , “Matchers” illuminating : people who give incessantly , people who are always looking to leverage something and take from others,finally those who give and take in equiproportion

My own belief set is to “give” unconditionally , giving has its own pros and cons ,   my family orientation is of a giver , my father was a giver , my sister is a giver , my younger brother is a giver, so guess the disposition is genetic 🙂

Am  a work in progress and hopefully everything will be okay ,as the saying goes “ Every thing will be okay in the end .If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Giving could be a smile , kind word , encouragement , deep listening  , believing in other peoples dreams , a donation to underprivileged , bit of you to make a difference to another,  believe giving is an energy ..

There is a flip side to giving , as you can burn out and be exploited , as the world has people full of motives , which Adam Grant describes as ” Fakers who comes across as giver or taker ”

I think better screening as matchers ( people who believe in fair give and take) do is really important 🙂

I am also fascinated by  academics who come out with useful research which could be useful in life and work situations as Adam Grant ( Givers and takers) , Brene Brown ( Shame and Vulnerability ) , Angela lee Duckworth ( Grit ) , Marshall goldsmith ( management)..

I think this is one of the reasons America is a great country , if life makes me young again , kind of Benjamin Button , would like to be reborn as a researcher in America , would have loved to be a clinical psychologist or a journalist 🙂

The knowledge @ Wharton interview  is really nice for those interested in subject , Thank you!

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