Rajat Gupta’s Lust for Zeros

18 May

Rajat Gupta’s Lust for Zeros

I read this newyork times article with interest today about Rajat Gupta’s fall from grace , had wondered how can a person who sat on boards of Goldman sachs , Procter & Gamble and illustrious bodies like Havard medical school , The Gates foundation among others can be guilty of misjudgement and passing of an information ? I never could reconcile to that fallacious argument. This is the most instructive article read on the subject , it illustrates the same old folly of greed and getting associated with a disagreeable  business partner.

The article quotes Rajat Gupta presumably post Mckinsey : “When I look at myself, yeah, I am driven by money,” he said. “And when I live in this society, you know, you do get fairly materialistic, so I look at that. I am disappointed. I am probably more materialistic today than I was before, and I think money is very seductive.” He continued: “You have to watch out for it, because the more you have it, you get used to comforts, and you get used to, you know, big houses and vacation homes and going and doing whatever you want, and so it is very seductive. However much you say that you will not fall into the trap of it, you do fall into the trap of it.” 

So guess that’s a give away..
Rajat Gupta had such an enviable record , CEO of consulting major Mckinsey , board of companies like Goldman sachs , Procter and Gamble , not for profits , pretty much all ivy league schools . He did wonderful contribution to India by promoting public health initiative , a public – private partnership and also a business school. A stellar record but a man’s honour is everything..

I learnt early in life great education ( wonderful gift as it is) is not synonymous to a good human being and secondly to stay away from players and disagreeable people  , feel sorry for Mr. Gupta , but integrity is everything  and always stay away from louts and shady people…


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