Cleveland horror

14 May

Cleveland horror

Cleveland child kidnapping and ten years of captivity has been the most horrific incident since the Delhi gang rape. It is heart wrenching to know three little girls lost their childhood and adolescence and nobody knew about it for ten years ? The predator had family and nobody had an inkling about this ? The brothers interviews and his daughters interview state they just had no idea about what was going on? What about neighbors ? no body found anything suspicious about that house ? 

Sexual predators are monsters and psychopaths , they are the most venal people on earth , they must be given the highest possible punishment , this case should serve as a deterrent ..

It is most barbaric perversion , feel so sorry for those little girls , very sad , read that community there is raising funds , just hope everyone comes together for their rehabilitation , may gods little grace fall on them , may they get best counselors and volunteers , may they and family find strength. May all of us send a prayer for their healing.

All that needs to be done by determined governments and communities to eradicate crimes against women must be done, if we do this and nothing else in this century the world would be a better place..   


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