The moment is perfect – Thich Nhat hanh

13 May

The moment is perfect – Thich Nhat hanh

I have been a troubled seeker  trying to make sense of moment. Sometimes the moment’s immensity overwhelms me and sometimes a storm of strong emotion derails and leaves humble self incapacitated. I have always been intellectually restless and nothing gave me peace. I was good at books , sports but always a happy mess 🙂 I took to reading masters , read them all and attending some workshops and retreats. They were all wonderful but worked like a drug . It was great in that moment , after that found myself back to being infallibly fallible 🙂 

I love the simple life and so was fascinated by Zen. I love bare rooms ,single bed, wooden tables , the whole idea of emptiness and space appeals to me ,since myself was so constricted , thought emptiness must be liberating . It was also non sectarian which appealed to me

I discovered books and poems of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. I also saw videos of Thich Nhat Hanh’s talks and retreats on youtube , started loving what saw and read.  I must state an observation that while many people write well , a pure soul’s writing has a sublime energy , words seemed to have a meditative pure energy and could heal. Thich Nhat hanh’s writing is lucid ,simple , beautiful and useful. To quote Leonard cohen ” I was never interested in theological or religious goals , but i was interested in relaxation ..” 🙂

This article’s premise is on the present moment. If we do our most regular and mundane tasks with awareness and being totally present ,we can foster joy and liberate ourselves from sufferings. We can arrive at an insight which can transform our sufferings and afflictions. It could be eating a orange ,  taking a shower, a walk or our work. Being total is Zen. 

To quote from one of his books ” We can live each moment of our life mindfully. We look,listen,think,speak and act with our mindfulness. When we cook, we cook mindfully. When we eat , we eat mindfully. When we exercise , we move our bodies mindfully. Being aware of our breathing can instantly connect us to what we are doing. By enjoying our breathing in whatever we are doing , we produce the energy of mindfulness o help us touch and live life deeply.”

God is a breath 🙂 Hope you like it..



2 Responses to “The moment is perfect – Thich Nhat hanh”

  1. sureshvn May 17, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    Thank you very much 🙂 Take care!


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