Interim prayer

9 May

Interim prayer:

Do what you want
be what you want to be
do not hurt people
do not justify
live your life

Live experientially
not philosophically
not metaphorically
Buddha and science 
both need empirical evidence
What rings in you
your experience
must be your truth
say yes often

Be a seeker if you must
may it give you peace
may you find kingdom of god
which is the bountiful earth
see the neighborhood lout
he never visits a shrine
he is happy
be happy 

If something bothers you
take a deep breath
Let it all go

Do not fear
we are all afraid
that’s a given
be unafraid
take a deep breath
feel you are enough

There is a grace 
for all of us 
it could be a breath
it could be your shrine
it could be energy
it could be nature
It could be your father
It could be your dog
It could be your love
It’s always with you
why worry ?

Believe love
Love siblings
Love parents
Love friends
love children
Love world
Love your muse
Love your passions
Love your broken self

Remember love needs no clinging
love need not be possession
If you do not love yourself
Who will?

Finally Believe
believe it is for good
how else it could be

believe your eyes 
Believe in good
Believe in yourself

What ever is yours 
is precious right
Believe , Believe , Believe
Believe , Believe , Believe

This is what feel today 🙂 much love and light!


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