Good people to being good..

26 Apr

As a young person one of my goals was to meet good people , to be with good people and work with good people. The greatest joy of life presumed was to meet warm and exciting people.As reflect now can share with assurance that this wish came true.I met  wonderful people , men and women, some of whom never imagined would ever  meet.

As a student my friends were warm ,generous and extremely gracious with me , they allowed me to stay with them in their hostels and houses and were kind to to me. My early friends went to become public servants , doctors and journalists.

As started working and generally, met some nice people , intelligent , gifted with a sense of purpose. I deeply enjoyed my assignments. I never worked for money initially, it was always for the joy of working with good people and challenging engagements. I met some wonderful people who went to become successful entrepreneurs , international executives and writers. I was grateful and considered myself incredibly lucky to meet and work with people that i did. I also met unsavory people , but that’s an another post..:)

It dawned on me , as much as it is fun and exciting to meet good people , the natural course is to become good yourself. The good people that met had their own destiny and challenges on their path and a man must find himself or herself. You need to find yourself to find another. Therein in began a journey to be with self and try and cultivate ” my own tiny little garden” as one of my heroes Leonard cohen put it in an interview.

I loved the beautiful people met , some are shining stars and all wonderful with their own garden , some big as parks , some with world on their feet ,feel a fraternal , communal ,loving sense with them , my own little broken journey “to be good” began , realized we all need a little bit of grace to befit on us to find our own self and enterprise , hopefully will make progress , till then intent is as Henry David Thoreau put it ” to go confidently  in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined “..

The life of my dreams is to be good myself. Thank you friends. Love.


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