Shortest interview and Freindship

21 Apr

Some years ago faced with a challenging situation ,  a not so successful attempt at a public examination , aborted entrepreneurial effort  and deep personal loss , decided to go for a job interview. The advertised position was of a ” Technical writer” for one of the global marquee names which had just set up a research center in India. I thought will give a shot to this job.

As is my wont ,went for a morning walk and run to center my thoughts and just be , on my way back home met my school friend. He asked me ” What are my plans for the day ” . I said ” I have to go for a job interview in an hour and will meet him after that”. My friend just told me to wait on the corner of street and will be back in fifteen minutes. He sped away on his bike and came back in fifteen minutes with a bag which had a new white shirt , a belt and a pair of socks and told me to wear them for interview and be good. I was overwhelmed with my friends kindness and promised to meet him after the interview.

I happily went for the interview and was first to reach the place ,a five star hotel and was warmly greeted by a lady in a suit and a man with long hair and earring. I told them had come for the advertised position and man took me aside in a corner and asked me ” Do I know what is applets” . I said ” I don’t know”. I had learnt computer programming among other things but did not know the answer. I never hesitate in saying ” I don’t know”.

Just as the lady was smiling , he took me for a long walk through the length and breadth of the big hotel and asked me about myself and my back ground , told him about my past  effort ,family and told him how much admired their company and one of its founders , lets just say the one of the biggest private equity investor who hailed from my country. I asked him about himself and he told me he was the human resources head of the company . I realized he had just escorted me out of the hotel and we had reached the entrance of the hotel . I realized my interview is over .

My interview just lasted two minutes and one question , rest was just walk , wondered why people don’t take honest answer of not knowing , everything is learnt behavior in life. I just hated condescending attitude and my own desperate situation and almost mumbled a Mark knopfler song in my mind “see the little faggot with the earring and the makeup,Yeah buddy that’s his own hair,That little faggot got his own jet airplane…”

Since then myself had opportunity to interview people , never treated anyone like that , I don’t know may not be a good answer but it must be the best answer for the moment..

I was happy had found a life long friend . I recounted my shortest interview to my friend after it got over , he just laughed and told me to keep the shirt.. 


2 Responses to “Shortest interview and Freindship”

  1. Venu May 1, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Firstly, I am very happy to see that you have done wonderfully at this site. Especially for a non-technical person.

    Paying it forward is something that all of us have forgotten to practice. What good is a world where everyone lives for oneself? When we give joyfully without expectations, the universe returns your gift many times over. There are many people who are not pleasant toward you because of certain situations that they are in; it is not for us to judge their actions. It is for us to just keep ourselves in balance and keep focus on what makes us happy.

    • sureshvn May 2, 2013 at 7:32 am #

      Absolutely my friend 🙂 this post must be as familiar as ones right hand , Thank you for lifelong endearing friendship ! Love.Suresh

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