My Father

18 Apr

I would like to start my blogging endeavor with a ode to my father. My father was truest experience of light and  love in my life. My father was a source of peace and acceptance for my turbulent growing up years. He was a good man and me was a restless adolescent trying to find my little space and voice in life. I never found solace anywhere except my father and books. I discovered love  of English language from him , me thought he wrote beautiful school application letters for leave,sickness. I fell in love with the way he wrote. I think his writing was more lucid than many authors whom read in later years. He would bring back sweets wrapped from a office function , he never forgot his children. He loved his daughter and that made me realize perhaps the greatest love there is between a father and daughter. I truly think the greatest joy for a father everywhere must be a girl child. I would read his files even though could understand nothing of that administrative language and bureaucratese  in my school days , still don’t , just loved to read whatever my father wrote on those government files. He loved his boss , my friends father , whom me grew to love too. He threw me out of house but came searching for me. In my native place ,am recognized by people only because of my resemblance to him. My father was nice ,compassionate ,beautiful man till Big ” C” took him away thirteen years ago. His parting words to me where ” always do something lasting and take care of family”. Whatever you find favorable in me is because of my father, everything despicable is my own contribution. My father was university ,religion and life for me. I loved my father. 


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